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Why Chronic Low Back Pain Is A Factor To Alzheimer and Cognitive Decline

Low back pain is very common specially as we go up in age. The cause ranges from a sedentary lifestyle to stresses imposed by the things we do or the negative emotions that we hold.

Acute low back pain is extremely debilitating but last for a week or two . Chronic low back pain is the one that stops people from becoming more active that even a trip to the mailbox can be very taxing and painful.

There are so many negative side effects of immobility from chronic low back pain. One thing that stands out is that research is now connecting lack of mobility and exercise to cognitive decline. It has a cumulative effect which means the more years you have been inactive, the higher risk of dementia and brain dysfunction. This clearly indicate that people have to strive to stay active no matter what age.

It is difficult to be active when you are weighed down by persistent low back pain. Adaptation, acceptance and living within the limits of back pain become the standard of living for a chronic back pain sufferer. Is this how you want to turn out?

Information online is plenty, free advise from friends and family and sheer determination to get past the pain are helpful. If things fail despite good efforts, seek timely professional help. The best go to expert will be a physical therapist . Physical therapists see many orthopedic and muscular injuries and some have gone down the route of being specialists. A specialist physical therapist who deals with the spine and performs manual therapy or the “hands-on-approach” is a good choice.

It is never too late to get help. The risks of chronic low back pain is a serendipity effect from deconditioning , immobility, lack of independence , depression and ultimately to a cognitive decline as we advance in age. Don’t let it happen to you. Be aware, be informed and be empowered.

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