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Top 3 Reasons Why You Have Pain All the Time

Top 3 Reasons Why You Have Pain All the Time

Everyone has experienced the feeling of wanting something badly, may it be wealth, status, material things, etc. This applies especially to the group of people who live in a constant state of chronic pain. It may not show on the outside, because they endure it, pushing away this feeling of hurt. Truthfully, the thing they yearn for the most is the key to relieve this hurt. However, the solution to this bothersome problem may not be as simple as people might think.

I simply have to admire a person’s zest for wellness and relief of pain. I see people willing to subject their bodies to radical surgeries or repetitive treatments, grasping for that glimmer of hope that somehow, they might feel better in the near future. If you have attempted all possible ways of ridding your pain from medications, massages, injections, acupuncture, energy healing to mental therapy but continue to be plagued by this everlasting pain, it is essential to dive down deeper on the true reason this keeps reappearing.

The point of a lot of treatment approaches out there is to reduce pain—not necessarily address it. Inflammation is often cited as the cause of pain, but if all the anti-inflammatory methods you’ve tried has fallen short of giving you full alleviation, it is clear that this is untrue.

So then, what else could it be? Why do I still continue to hurt? Has anybody ever told you that your pain is arthritis? Osteoarthritis? Yes, you have been told this many times after MRI’s, CT scans, or Xray’s have been taken. Nothing’s new, these are all dead ends. Now what? What path is there left to take?

Well, arthritis is the normal wear and tear in the body, and does not necessarily hurt. It doesn’t make sense for that to be the problem. Accelerated arthritis is the painful type. This is caused when the body is so posturally, functionally and structurally imbalanced that pain is afflicted. If this is your problem, things might be making a lot more sense now.

The top three reasons you could still be hurting and dealing with this nagging pain are these: 

One, you are experiencing a postural driven pain. Two, you move around in a habitual patterned way that is irritating the body part. Three, the postural dysfunction and habits combined leads to a mechanical failure called accelerated arthritis which keeps being irritated.

At Seville PT, we are well aware of these top three reasons and our clients seek us out for that knowledge. Seville PT clinic is structured to identify postural dysfunctions and faulty habits along with evaluating and treating the body as an integrated whole and not just a body part. Any clinic could do the easy part—treating only the symptoms. But here, we see the bigger picture, we can find the root cause. Us at Seville PT can figure out the harder part, why this is happening, and what we can do to solve it. Come to us, because we can do both.