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Running Does Not Have to Hurt To Stay Fit

To the runner whose knee is hurting and limping after an endophin- filled run…..

You have been ignoring it , making yourself believe you gotta have some pain to get your gains.

One day, you can’t push it back much longer as the experience of burning and sharp sensation on the front of your knee is felt as you step up a curb. A pop of 2, 3 or 4 Advil’s , the thought of not being able to run and be forced to rest- worry sets in.

Taking pain killers is a band aid to the problem, resting the knee does not restore the muscle imbalance and using knee supports can only bring you to a certain relief. Taking it easy may not really be the answer.

Just recently, we had a new patient who came into the clinic… He has been running for years, and even though he experienced some nagging pain in his knee every now and then, he never thought much of it and kept running through the pain.

Each time he went for a run, his knee will start complaining after 5 minutes of running. He does not want to stop running but he is afraid he will do more damage if he keeps on doing it.

So he did what we are brought up to do when there is a problem – go and see the doctor.

He was of course advised to rest and take a pain pill …

He missed running so badly. He felt out of shape without this activity.

…Upon a friend’s recommendation, he decided to try physical therapy with us with the goal of going back to running ASAP.

Knee pains can get tricky. The knee takes orders from the hip and the ankle. An expert evaluation from a physical therapist can shed light on why the knee hurts. Don’t bother with pain pills, rest if you must but only for a short time to bring down an inflammation process.

Make sure your knee has good flexibility from the muscles surrounding the joint. Pick running shoes that has good arch supports, flexible toe box and a solid heel cup. Massage the muscles in the thigh and stretch calves and buttocks. Core exercise training can be very helpful as well.

If you feel that an expert can better figure out your knee problem, I encourage you to reach out to us instead as we know exactly what to do to get you back to running at full speed.