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» How to Keep You Going and Going in Your Retirement Years Without Being Bugged Down by Low Back Pain And Fulfill Your Dreams

Here is an amazing story of success and living the life as you want it.

We toiled for years at our respective work places hoping to get to the finish line which is retirement and get to enjoy the fruits of our labor.  Dreams of travels, life spent lounging on the beach or trekking in the mountains and even enjoying the company of grandchildren who are ever more active and energetic,  are inevitably coming true. Retirement is here. 

I am sure this is a familiar desire we hold on to our hearts no matter what age.  As we plan our dreams and get ready to finish the last leg of our career, we failed to consider something that has been nagging us particularly in our 50’s and 60’s. 

Low back pain just keeps haunting and slowing us down. It is because work has shifted into a sedentary lifestyle of sitting.  We sit while we commute to and from work, sit to work in the computer and sit more at the end of the day to relax.  Too much sitting can create significant weakening of our belly muscles that serves as the foundation of support in our bodies and strains our spine.  People in their 20’s and 30’s can “get away with it” but not really as we get older. 

A lady I treated for her back pain was told she might not be able to travel and walk in the streets of Europe because walking has been so taxing and painful.  She was so upset thinking her retirement dreams are not within reach.  After a few months into her retirement, she suffered an attack of debilitating back pain.  She had always felt a nag in her back but never took the time to seek help.  It used to be more a bother when she sat down but this attack now stopped her from walking. 

My client’s physician told her she has a bad disc and narrowing of the canals in her spine where the nerve passes through.  It is called spinal stenosis.  Pain pills and physical therapy at her doctor’s office was not helping enough.  She did not want surgery and she came to us desperate but hoping that she will heal without being cut and fused. 

Fortunately, she really just needed a specialist in physical therapy who spent enough time with her and educated her on how to live with spinal stenosis without having pains. An hour spent one on one with her with meticulous, direct hands on care released all the tight muscles and she perceptively learned how to activate her core muscles to avoid compressing the spine.  Success!

My client was so thankful she persevered and was lead to the right clinician that understood and specialized in her condition. 

She finally was able to walk again pain-free and finally fulfilled her dream of visiting Europe and get to enjoy “every step” of it. 

Now, this lady is keeping herself strong doing her home exercises, staying active and sees us periodically for a “tune up” in the clinic.  She plans to travel more with her husband and spend more time with her grandchildren. 

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