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How To Prevent the Rapid Effects of Aging and Feel Great No Matter What Age

Aging is inevitable and exciting.  Exciting because you are wiser and smarter than yesterday but along with that comes aches and pains you have not felt before.  We mostly attribute non-traumatic injuries to aging. Is that really true?

Your knee hurts after working in the garden for a couple of hours; someone reached out too far and strained the shoulder; he bent over to tie his shoe laces and twisted his back; and your partner woke up one morning with a stiff neck.  Heard of familiar stories like this?  Age must be catching up with them.  Uhmmm, is that really true?

Aging certainly is like mileage on a car.  Unlike a car though, the body has the capacity to repair, regenerate and restore if given the right approach.  Age is not the issue.  It is more of not understanding the WHY of the problem and how to fix the problem.

A good preventive approach delays the “effects of aging”  such as exercise, good sleep, adequate balanced nutrition and stress management.  But what if you have all these and that stiffness or pain persists and limit your ability to move freely?  A careful evaluation from Seville PT’s expert physical therapist will help you figure out what you don’t understand. 

If you are tired of taking Advil, if the heating pad is only providing temporarily relief and you are scheduling your activities around your pain limits, it is time to seek a specialist consult.  It is not age.  Age is the excuse.  Get connected with us so we can answer your questions if it is indeed aging or not.