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How To Beat Cold Weather From Hurting You

Yep, you have heard your older folks complain about how the coldness of winter or the muggy heat of summer make the knees hurt or the back hurts. As a youngster back then, I always wondered why that is as  it never affected me.

Since we have no control over the weather, we can focus on what to change or do to beat natural events that surround us.

One thing that is easy to do is check if you are wearing appropriate clothing. A nice cozy scarf wrapped around your neck can help regulate your body temperature easily. We have weather sensors in our neck that send messages to the brain to know if we are cold or hot. Investing in garments designed to retain heat in your body cannot be undervalued. Socks, hats, shirts, leggings,  get them to keep you warm and toasty. Drinking warm beverages can keep you warm and fuzzy inside out.  Try to keep the sugar on the low to minimize weight gain and inflammation.

However, the best way to regulate your body temperature  is through movement. Long hours on the computer, watching tv or reading a book for 2 hours does not allow your blood to circulate well.  Lack of movements cause stiffness.   Fatigue will set in  which makes you more vulnerable to cold temperatures. Get up and get moving. Go for a walk.

If movement is difficult, pain is too much and cold weather makes everything worse, seeking help from a physical therapist is the next best thing to do. Make sure the therapist is specialized in pain management and posture/movement restoration for a great experience.

A client once said after she achieved her goals: “The weather outside is bad but I am not hurtin’. Quite surprising.”