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Are You a ShapeShifter


My 9 year old daughter Caryn wrote a story about creatures that can change shape known as shapeshifters. This word resonated with me in my world of managing pain. I consider my profession a shapeshifter coach. 

Our existence works around how well we can breathe. We favor a shape and keep shifting back into that shape to breathe well. It manifests eventually as our predominant posture. Through the years, we stop shifting our shapes because we are comfortable with how easy we are breathing there. We don’t realize that this can lead to wear and tear known as pain, strain, dysfunction or arthritis. 

Shapeshifting can mean learning how to maneuver your weight and posture from front to back, side to side and right to left. Shapeshifting can mean how to manipulate your airflow so you expand compressed deflated areas of the body and compress overinflated distended parts. 

Shapeshifting is postural restoration therapy to restore balance, flow and function. 

Be a shapeshifter.  Shapeshift yourself to a body that will serve you through the years.