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7 Top Reasons Why Tension and Pain in Your Head, Neck, Back, Shoulders and Hips Won’t Go Away

No one likes pain.  We do everything to make it go away from doing at home remedies to seeking medical help.  However, pain is your body’s way of letting you know that something is going on and you need to figure it out.  Available solutions are often to control the pain, numb you from feeling the pain or masking it rather than figuring out the reason for having pain. 

If you are reading this, you must have tried many approaches to help alleviate your pain but it continues to bother you no matter what you do. Tension pain is complex and multi-factorial.  If not managed well, it leads to limited movements, decline in function, depressive state, fatigue, anxiety, low to no tolerance for age appropriate activities and poor quality of life. 

Here are the possible reasons why it does not go away as easily as you want it to despite your best efforts:

  1. airway challenges i.e. sleep apnea
  2. bruxism or clenching at day or night
  3. postural imbalances leading to muscle imbalances
  4. habits supporting the imbalance
  5. chronic stressing i.e. personal/professional 
  6. systemic inflammation i.e. gut health
  7. hormonal dysfunction

A pain that might seem to be an orthopedic problem may not really be what it is. It is a problem of imbalances that encompasses many systems that might require an integrative approach from many disciplines.  A team of a conventional medical doctor, mental health professional, sleep medicine, dentist, functional medicine practitioner and a posture minded TMD/TMJ physical therapist is an all star cast team you might need to help get you out of this complex situation. 

At Seville Physical Therapy, we specialize in addressing the root cause of your pain while providing alleviation of your symptoms.  We help you understand where the imbalance is and help you figure out your roadmap to recovery.  Seville PT’s whole body integrative approach is key to healing complex multi-factorial pain and specialization in craniomandibular therapy is important in helping with airway challenges, parafunction and postural imbalances that are perpetuated by habits. 

Take the first step by calling or sending a text message to our office phone 201-537-4888.


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