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7 Most Common Ways of Getting Rid of Back Pain That Actually Will Work Against You

Procrastination by definition means the action of delaying something that requires immediate attention.

…And people procrastinate nowadays because we are bombarded with too many options enough to confuse us.

My fervent wish is that you don’t practice procrastination when it comes to your health. Depression creeps in when we suffer from the  constant pain in our back that just keep us from feeling 100% active and healthy. Our week’s schedule and weekend pleasures are planned according to how much the spine can handle without going into a full blown 10 out of 10 pain on a pain scale.

The excuse that procrastination hides from is lack of time. Productivity and energy levels drop down everyday as low back pain slows you down. If you have to do the math, setting aside time to seek professional help is a health investment that gives you more time in return as your back pain is resolved.

People use these ways to get around low back pain which never really get to the root of the pain. These ways seem to make sense in the beginning but will work against you at the back end. See if you agree with me or you are still stuck doing them and hoping each day that the pain will magically disappear.

# 1-  Using a heating pad or a cold pack forever

#2 –  Pop a pill and forget about it until the medication wore off

#3 –  Doing exercises you saw from a fancy magazine or video or online

#4 –  Rest, take it easy and rest some more

#5 –  Following advice from anybody

#6 –  Having an attitude that it is part of getting old

#7 – Resorting to spinal injections too soon without considering natural scientific methods like physical therapy 


Great news…

If you have been procrastinating and continue to use any of those 7 ways above, you can finally end the pain by trying out physical therapy. Tap into your potential for healing by getting appropriate treatments and guidance from physical therapists who specialize in back pain. A thorough evaluation is  easily provided and a physical therapy diagnosis and plan of care will be formulated according to your individual needs and issues.

I would  like to do just that and offer you physical therapy information by calling us risk free.  Do not wait any longer and get a feel of how Physical Therapy can change your outlook, improve your mobility and live the life as you picture it.

Try Physical Therapy And Know If It is The Right Thing... Try Physical Therapy And See If You Like It

P.S. In the physical therapy industry, getting a free 15 min. discovery visit is almost unheard of and I am eager to give this to you because I understand that you may be skeptical, unsure and just not quite certain or even nervous about getting your decisions wrong.