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7 Common Signs You Have a TMJ Problem


You’ve been taking painkillers but pain frequently recurs. 

You’ve seen a neurologist who has not found anything wrong with you.

You’ve seen a physical therapist to treat your neck but have not felt any significant relief. 

You saw a dentist who prescribed a bite plate or mouthguard, but you ended up chewing on it and spitting it out in the middle of the night. 

You searched online & know you have all the signs of TMJ pain:  headache, stiff neck, clicking jaw, facial pain, bite is off, sinus pressure and ringing in the ears. But the solution has continued to evade you. 

Unfortunately, a symptom cannot be treated in isolation. It is not a problem of the jaw, the bite, the face, the head, the neck, ears or sinuses. It is all of them affecting each other.  A holistic, whole body approach is important if you want to succeed in managing this complex problem that highlights mostly the jaw joint. 

Seville Physical Therapy is an integrative practice collaborating with dentists, physicians and other allied professionals, working together so our TMJ patients can have a better quality of life.   

Understanding TMJ pain in relation to the interaction of the whole body and not limited to a jaw problem, is mainly the reason why we have seen major improvements with the people coming in to see us.

Do you have a TMJ problem and have not yet found relief?  Call us now at 201-537-4888.