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3 Things to Correct Forward Head and Reduce Tension Based Headache

3 Things to Correct Forward Head and

Reduce Tension Headache

What is forward head?  The neck has a natural 30 degree inward curve that is considered good posture.  A forward head is when this 30 degree curve called cervical lordosis is lost or you see a person standing or walking passed you with their head leading the body forward.

Why is it important to correct a forward head?  Serious consequences can result to this faulty posture.  A major reason is to help stop chronic pains in the neck and shoulders leading to compromised function or resolve recurring tension based headaches not relieved with headache medications.

Forward head is so common in our society because of increased computer and screen usage.  Among the less commonly understood reasons are respiratory challenges like sinus allergies that cause someone to forward their head to help them breathe better.  A more obvious reason is when one does not see clearly & wants to focus on things.

So, the 3 things you can do to correct forward head:

1. avoid  slouching while working on the computer & using a supportive chair

2. address your allergies and keep the sinuses as clear as possible

3. have your eyes checked or take the 20 20 20 regular breaks for your eyes which means: look at an object 20 feet away for 20 seconds every 20 minutes after doing long periods of near point work.

Seville Physical Therapy is your specialty based clinic successfully treating tension based headaches by performing extensive assessments and creating personalized & individualized treatment plans to get to the root cause of your problem.  We do intensive hands-on work, postural therapy and coaching to break that habitual faulty posture you may not even be aware you're doing.

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