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» $1800 for a night or $1800 for the future?
$1800 for a night or $1800 for the future?

$1800 for a Night or $1800 for the Future

We are all saddled with dilemmas.  Often, we are not shy in shelling out $1800 for a fun night at a high end resort for a family getaway.  Then, one night might not be enough, but another night will definitely make those memories fuller.

Paying $1800 for a total of a 4 hour consultation and evaluation of our son’s medical issues to a top high end provider seemed daunting.  It seemed excessive.  I had to get someone else called insurance to cover it as much as possible.  Ouch, it was a lot!

I had to think beyond.  I had to get past traditional thinking.  I can’t have minutiae.  If I time travel, I can see how many more $1800 I will earn and the unlimited benefits to my son if given the best help, care and attention now.  The exorbitant $1800 bill is miniscule to the value this consultation will bring to my son’s quality of life for the many decades ahead of him.  My $1800 high end vacay will give me good memories, nice photographs and plenty of happy hormones for a week.

With your due diligence spent searching on Google, presenting intelligent questions to family and friends, past attempts at seeking medical help using the traditional paths, one should lead you to the missing piece in the puzzle.  But why are you still stuck?  You ask yourself, "why can’t I get rid of this pain no matter how much I try?"

Will you have dilemmas if you truly understand the value of good health and how your body can serve you better in the next 50 years?  Would you get past the $$$ to make a decision that will ultimately empower you not just for a week but for the present and future?  I wish you the best of judgment when you make those difficult decisions.

What is valuable to you?  A week of entertainment or a life not restricted by pain and discomfort in doing the things you need or love to do?