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Q: Can I see a physical therapist directly? Can I refer myself?

A: Yes, the state of New Jersey allows the person to seek physical therapy without a referral from a physician. Most clients find us by word of mouth, friends and family and by this website. Call and make an appointment when you are ready.

Q: Why should I go to a physical therapist?

A: A physical therapist is trained and experienced to help you bring back lost independence and mobility caused by pain by using natural approach supported by science and research.

Q: Is choosing the right physical therapist vital?

A: Yes, knowledge, experience and the therapist’s specializations produce better outcomes and quicker results. Success definitely matters if you consult with an expert specialist physical therapist.

Q: How long do I wait before I address my pain and loss of mobility ?

A: Typically, within 1-2 weeks of onset of a problem, try to seek consult right away to prevent unnecessary testing, medications and suffering. You can see the specialist physical therapist without seeing your doctor first.

Q: What do I expect on a physical therapy visit?

A: First visit is about 60 minutes or more depending on the complexity of the condition. A followup visit typically is a focused one hour one-on-one session that allows direct hands on treatments and thorough education and instructions for self care and prevention.

Q: How do I dress?

A: Dress with loose fitting garments which allows ease in examination and treatments of the problem body part. Comfortable shoes are recommended.

Q: Is physical therapy right for my problem?

A: Check if you are suffering from the following: back pain and stiffness neck pain and stiffness tension headaches pins and needles down your arm or leg hip, knee and shoulder pain pain in the back when sitting, standing, walking or bending. Above are conditions but not a diagnosis. If your problem is not on the list or not sure if physical therapy is what you need, please refer to our contact page or call (201)537-4888 and consult with us to help you decide.

Q: How will physical therapy help my condition?

A: We will work with you and focus on your goals to reduce pain and be active ASAP. We will explain what your problem is, how it happened and educate you on prevention and self care strategies.

Q: Do you accept my insurance?

A: Seville PT, being a specialist clinic, is an out-of-network provider because contracting directly with insurance does not support our patient centered treatment model. Physical therapists who work in in-network clinics often have to see 2 or more patients per hour. They do this because insurance companies will reimburse the clinic only about half of what they actually bill. Thus, insurance companies indirectly dictate or influence the treatment that patients get, which oftentimes, is not beneficial to who matters most - YOU, the patient.

Here at Seville PT, each patient gets one-on-one expert attention for each hourly session, loads of information, and evidence-based, customized home exercises to sustain long term benefits.

Prior to your first visit, you should call your insurance company and inquire about your benefits.  Please use this guide: Step-by-step guide to determine insurance benefits

We will then provide you with the necessary documentation to receive the maximum reimbursement available from your health insurance if you are planning to submit for reimbursement or payment toward your deductible.  As a courtesy to you, we can also submit the claim on your behalf. 

As an out-of-network provider,  we are able to provide extraordinary treatment outcomes, help our patients get better faster and save on our most valuable resource which is time.    

Q: Can I bring someone with me?

A: Yes. There is no need to notify us ahead. It is up to you if you want to bring your companion inside the treatment room or wait in the reception area.

Q: How often will I need treatment?

A: The answer is dependent on the nature of the problem if it is acute or chronic. The best way to know is doing an evaluation visit. Chronic conditions typically require more visits due to the compensations made by the body and a heightened nervous system

Q: Do you refer to other appropriate medical practitioner that can help me?

A: Absolutely. A referral is important when progress is not being made and if the problem is assessed to be beyond the scope of physical therapy.

Still Need Answers?

Feel free to send an email with any other questions you may have. Or, if you think you want more information on how we can help you, fill out our short contact form here.

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