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Aging is inevitable and exciting.  Exciting because you are wiser and smarter than yesterday but along with that comes aches and pains you have not felt before.  We mostly attribute non-traumatic injuries to aging. Is that really true? Your knee hurts after working in the garden for a couple of hours; someone reached out too far and strained the shoulder; he bent over to tie his shoe laces and twisted his back; and your partner woke up one morning with a stiff neck.  Heard of fam...
Posted on 2021-03-26
$1800 for a Night or $1800 for the Future We are all saddled with dilemmas.  Often, we are not shy in shelling out $1800 for a fun night at a high end resort for a family getaway.  Then, one night might not be enough, but another night will definitely make those memories fuller. Paying $1800 for a total of a 4 hour consultation and evaluation of our son’s medical issues to a top high end provider seemed daunting.  It seemed excessive.  I had to get someone else c...
Posted on 2021-03-19
     Are You A Long Hauler? A long hauler is someone who manifests and continue to experience symptoms long after they have contracted a virus or developed an acute episode of pain. It makes you wonder why.   Obviously, the more risk factors you have, the more likely you become one. Our baseline mental, emotional and physical health are predictors of how we turn out. A long hauler is a chronic pain sufferer, constantly fatigued person, sensitive ...
Posted on 2021-03-05
ARE YOU A SHAPESHIFTER? My 9 year old daughter Caryn wrote a story about creatures that can change shape known as shapeshifters. This word resonated with me in my world of managing pain. I consider my profession a shapeshifter coach.  Our existence works around how well we can breathe. We favor a shape and keep shifting back into that shape to breathe well. It manifests eventually as our predominant posture. Through the years, we stop shifting our shapes because we are comfortable wit...
Posted on 2021-01-28
NORDIC  WALKING  WITH  URBAN  POLES Urban Poling or Nordic Walking has toning, calorie-burning and postural benefits that have made it popular in Europe for decades and is a workout favorite in Canada, Australia, the UK, Ireland and now the USA!  I first started Urban Poling for fitness about a year ago and I have loved it because it is such a great total body workout. I have found that Urban Poling has helped me to walk further & for longer periods of time by re...
Posted on 2020-08-27
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